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Nov 19, 2009 4:21:30 PM

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Singing Rock Singing-Rock SingingRock Slackline Slacklines

Two Czech climbers and a Belgian salesman founded Singing Rock back in 1992. During first decade of production Singing Rock owners succeeded in setting up the up-to-date production with most modern machinery.

Harnesses and ropes are two main product groups that are helping to spread great reputation of Singing Rock throughout climbing community. In order to have complete range for almost every customer, Singing Rock also produces anchoring and belaying devices, carabiners, pulleys etc. Design team prepares prototypes, does careful pre-production testing with climbing gear and also with gear for caving, work at height, fire brigade and rescue activities.

There is very competent group of top climbers, who, hand in hand with Singing Rock's design team, are setting the design standard and functionality even higher. To name few: Martin Stráník, Štepán Stráník, Jitka Mázlová and Luboš Mázl, Dušan Stoupa Janák and many others. It means that before you get the harness, rope or carabiner it had t...
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Nov 19, 2009 3:55:28 PM

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Red Chili Red-Chili RedChili Slackline Slacklines

The Red Chili Story by Stefan Glowacz - Sun set when Uwe and I reached the summit plateau of El Cap tired and exhausted, after climbing the “West Face” in only one day.

Our feet were burning like hell in the way too tight climbing shoes that we had to wear. And then it came down on us, like a flash, like a vision. We saw a pair of shoes. A shoe that fits so perfect and so customized that even after twenty hard core pitches, or after half a day of bouldering, nothing hurts and climbing still is nothing but fun. The vision disappeared and after this enlightenment, we knew that something had to happen.

At this time Uwe and I tried to distribute a Spanish climbing shoe brand in Germany, but over and over again we had to drown our frustration about late delivery and unsatisfied customers in gallons of Rioja red vine. It was one of these nights when we sat in Uwe’s apartment drinking and listening to loud Red Hot Chili Peppers music, when we had our vision again. “Why don’t we fu$%&***in’ star...
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Oct 28, 2009 5:18:23 PM

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Free Walker Free-Walker FreeWalker Slackline Slacklines

The company Free Walker has focused on the new top-trend sport for children and adults who want to play, sports and fun. Slacklinen absorbs nearly all muscle groups, and promotes Muscle growth. It's also a lot of concentration necessary to maintain balance on the slackline to. Free-Walker has developed a new patented product slackline.

The Free-Walker slackline is unique, because thanks to the ground screws or spindles that can be easily set up anywhere - just without the trees or gymnasiums. With Free Walker Slacklines you are able to operate anywhere Slacklining through the unique combination of A-frames, augers and slackline.

The establishment of the Free Walker sets you create in just 10 minutes. The slackline Free Walker can of course also be stretched between two trees. In one set of the complete mounting hardware is included and will be shipped.

The Free-Walker set in gardens can be built up on play and sports grounds, camping grounds, in woods, in parks, on lawns or on suita...
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Oct 28, 2009 5:06:09 PM

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Free Feet Free-Feet FreeFeet Slackline Slacklines

The company Free Feet is quite new on the European market. Free Feet consists Slackliner their extensive experience with the Slacklining sports have benefited to produce some high quality slackline products. The Danish Slacklines are equally suitable for beginners as for professionals.

The SlackLight Sets promise by their high quality Slacklining a special experience. The Free Feet SlackLight sets consist of a 15 m or 25 m long, specially developed tubular Slackline webbing. The Slacklines of Free-Feet are particularly dynamic properties of the surf on the line or make great leaps possible. The safety aspect was not ignored, then the FreeFeet Slacklines are very resilient. The breaking strength lies in all lines at about 20 kN.

The Slacklines from Free Feet are very flat and have no knots or twists that could interfere with Slacklinen. All loops of the fastening loops on the trees have been specially reinforced and specially stitched.

New features since 2009 have all the loops wi...

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