Free Feet Free-Feet FreeFeet Slackline Slacklines

The company Free Feet is quite new on the European market. Free Feet consists Slackliner their extensive experience with the Slacklining sports have benefited to produce some high quality slackline products. The Danish Slacklines are equally suitable for beginners as for professionals.

The SlackLight Sets promise by their high quality Slacklining a special experience. The Free Feet SlackLight sets consist of a 15 m or 25 m long, specially developed tubular Slackline webbing. The Slacklines of Free-Feet are particularly dynamic properties of the surf on the line or make great leaps possible. The safety aspect was not ignored, then the FreeFeet Slacklines are very resilient. The breaking strength lies in all lines at about 20 kN.

The Slacklines from Free Feet are very flat and have no knots or twists that could interfere with Slacklinen. All loops of the fastening loops on the trees have been specially reinforced and specially stitched.

New features since 2009 have all the loops with an additional layer of webbing reinforced in the curves are where most of the strains held by the carbine. This is another quality feature of the Slacklines Free Feet characterized.

The model series SlackLight 15, SlackLight 15 Girlie Violet and SlackLight 25 able to slackline a coherent series. Similarly, the accessory parts processed beautiful and high quality.