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The company Gibbon Slacklines has become a world leader in the manufacture of Slacklines for everyone. The innovative company Gibbon presented 2008 as one of the first developer a Slackline for all age groups and brought the fledgling trend in gardens, parks and cities. In the first generation of the slackline consisted of a simple yellow ribbon. All gibbon Gibbon Slacklines be developed internally and developed.

The slackline from Gibbon is a fun tool for young and old!

With a width of 50 mm they have deliberately opts slackline on offer, which is very easy to use. The Gibbon Slackline collections such as Classic-Line, Fun-Line, Travel-Line and Trick and Jibline can with only a few simple steps to transform almost any environment into an adventure playground.

Simply Versatile

  • Two-piece ratchet Complete Set
  • 50 mm width = easy access
  • More flexibility for tricks
  • TÜV certified sports

Gibbon Slackline has the TÜV SÜD GS sign for sports equipment.