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Two Czech climbers and a Belgian salesman founded Singing Rock back in 1992. During first decade of production Singing Rock owners succeeded in setting up the up-to-date production with most modern machinery.

Harnesses and ropes are two main product groups that are helping to spread great reputation of Singing Rock throughout climbing community. In order to have complete range for almost every customer, Singing Rock also produces anchoring and belaying devices, carabiners, pulleys etc. Design team prepares prototypes, does careful pre-production testing with climbing gear and also with gear for caving, work at height, fire brigade and rescue activities.

There is very competent group of top climbers, who, hand in hand with Singing Rock's design team, are setting the design standard and functionality even higher. To name few: Martin Stráník, Štepán Stráník, Jitka Mázlová and Luboš Mázl, Dušan Stoupa Janák and many others. It means that before you get the harness, rope or carabiner it had to pass real “purgatory”... These great athletes are helping to give birth to the product prototypes from our workshops. Czech speleo-rescue and Kota 1000 test regularly our caving gear. Equipment for Himalayan adventures is carried by expeditions of Pepa Simunek. Some functional solutions were developed with well-known Czech eyed handicapped climbers. SINGING ROCK staff works closely with few adventure rope courses in Cesky Raj and Krkonose; outcome of this development is aimed also at non-climbing audience.
New and original solutions need to be protected by patents. Climbing and caving ropes utilizing Route44 technology or harness buckle system Rock&Lock, are two latest examples of innovative approach of Singing Rock's design team. Our innovations can no way be labeled as just marketing gimmick. These are highly functional solutions that are making climbers happy. Sales presentation and technological ability are putting Singing Rock amongst market leaders.

We are having pure joy of bringing fresh air in our interesting industry.

On the 1st June 2009, the project of merger of companies LANEX a.s., SINGING ROCK s.r.o. and BWA Czech a.s. was officially completed by its incorporation into the Commercial Register. The successor company continues bearing the name (trading company) of LANEX a.s., identification number 28223209, registered office at Bolatice, Hlucínská 1/96.
SINGING ROCK acts within the organizational structure of LANEX a.s. as a strategic business unit, which means it maintains and further develop its business and marketing activities in the market of personal protective equipment and outdoor products under this brand.

The merger of the aforementioned companies and the utilization of synergies will increase the aggregate potential of LANEX a.s. and its possibilities of further expansion within the global market environment.