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The company Slackline-Tools are three sportsmen, who believe in the great potential of the innovative sport of slacklining. Slacklining, a sport mirroring what’s in demand in our today’s society: flexibility, relaxation, creativity, concentration, focus, thrill, will, balance and of course fun. To try out and experience all that slacklining provides the ideal space to do so, also by using space innovatively – through creative movement between trees, earth and sky.

The sport does not just open up this kind of space but also the public one. Slacklining is not banished to gyms or playing fields, it rather takes place between people going for a walk or right in the middle of town and always attracts fascinated spectators. The Slackliner thereby turns into an artist – however an artist of a sport which is open and accessible to anybody who’s interested and willing to try.

Slackline-Tools will contributing to a Trend thats why the idea behind the foundation of the GbR Slackline Tools (April 2007) is to further develop and spread the sport of slacklining and to pass on a slice of ones own enthusiasm for the sport to all those interested. Slackline-Tools takes up the challenge to actively contribute to a trend and to influence it positively – to be a model athletically, economically and ecologically.

Here for the company Slackline-Tools will setting new standards. The Slackline-Tools Slackline kits are the result of practical experience for years and a creative development process.

The result:

  • Slackline kits from Slackliners for Slackliners
  • Using for everybody, whether beginner or pro
  • optimized in all details!

Thats guarantee highest quality at best price, simplicity setup at a wide range of applications, safety for people and environment at the highest fun factor.