Getting started with Slacklining is so easy!

Experience showed that almost everbody - no matter how old - can learn to walk on a Slackline. All it takes is  interest in new things, a bit of sportivity and ambition to to stop trying after a cuoples of minutes.

Ideal conditions!

By follwoing a few simple rules, you can create perfect premises for having a easy star.

  • Take a look after a plan, soft ground, e.g. grass
  • Mount your Slackline at a low height. For children choose a height between 5.9 inch and 11.8 inch and for teens and adults (because of their higher weight) roundabout 15.75 inches.
  • We appreciate to install your Slackline "slack" - so to say to to strong.
  • The distance shouldn't be too short - at least 197 inches long. Athoterwise the dynamic of the Slackline will be disabled.
  • The distance shouldn't also be too long (max. 590 inch) because it takes a lot more body tension.

Very importent is, that your Slacklines doesn't touch the ground when you are walking in the middle of the Slackline!

That's it! Let's go!