Free Walker Free-Walker FreeWalker Slackline Slacklines

The company Free Walker has focused on the new top-trend sport for children and adults who want to play, sports and fun. Slacklinen absorbs nearly all muscle groups, and promotes Muscle growth. It's also a lot of concentration necessary to maintain balance on the slackline to. Free-Walker has developed a new patented product slackline.

The Free-Walker slackline is unique, because thanks to the ground screws or spindles that can be easily set up anywhere - just without the trees or gymnasiums. With Free Walker Slacklines you are able to operate anywhere Slacklining through the unique combination of A-frames, augers and slackline.

The establishment of the Free Walker sets you create in just 10 minutes. The slackline Free Walker can of course also be stretched between two trees. In one set of the complete mounting hardware is included and will be shipped.

The Free-Walker set in gardens can be built up on play and sports grounds, camping grounds, in woods, in parks, on lawns or on suita...
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