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Slackline video or Videos and impressions

Slackline Video or Videos, Movies and impressions

Slackline Videos, Movies and impressions
Slackline Video or Videos, Photographs and Impressions - The fashion sport Slacklining in moving pictures. At traffic lights - during the red phase, between two poles of street lighting, in your own garden or in parks. Slacklining is fascinating young and old. The ideal sports equipment for the road. Here we have some impressions gathered around to get an overview of how versatile the use of a Slackline can be.

TV, television reports and events
The fashion sport is moving into the metropolises, Slacklinung is everywhere!

Indoor Fun
During the winter months many slackliners are using gyms to keep on slacklining.

Outdoor Fun
Slacklining-fun in your own garden, in partks or around lakes.
Neu Neu

Even at pools, lakes, streams and at rivers.

Skate Line
Even as a portable rail for grinding Slacklines can be used.

Snow Slacking
Can not imagine using a Slackline in combination with winter sports in the mountains? Take a look!

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